King Humbert

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King Humbert

Spot the Spider... Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. Yellow King Humbert dates right back to 1918 from the United States of America... would be the most unusual and unstable canna plant there is. 8/31 July 12 Months in Colour

Boat Hire Jetty 17

Noosa River, Queensland, near Massouds Jetty which was established in 1927. Noosa River covers 784 square kilometres of catchment and its northern borders are protected by the Great Sandy National Park. The river begins in the Como Escarpment and meets Teewah Creek, then flows south across the Noosa Plain between Lakes Como and Cooloola before entering Lake Fig Tree and Lake Cootharaba with its popular camp grounds at Boreen Point and Elanda Point. The river continues to Lake Cooroibah and Lake Weyba before it meets the sea at Laguna Bay, just north of Noosa’s Main Beach. 10/31 July Orange/Maize 12 Months in Colour

Apple Juice

Square crop but otherwise zero editing. 7/31 Orange/Maize July, 12 Months in Colour


Most of the leaves have fallen now. Liquidambar formosana, commonly known as the Chinese sweet gum or Formosan gum, is a species of tree in the family Altingiaceae native to East Asia. Extra pic in comment. Liquidambar formosana is a large, native, deciduous tree that grows up to 30-40m tall. The leaves are 10~15 cm wide, and are three-lobed unlike five- to seven-lobed leaves of most American Liquidambar species. The foliage of the L. formosana turns a very attractive red color in autumn. Leaves grow in an alternate arrangement, and are simple, palmately-veined, with serrated margins. Wikipedia Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. 4/31 Orange/Maize July, 12 Months in Colour

Evening is Golden

We are having such glorious crisp and clear days and at the end of the day, lucky enough to capture this at the Yacht Club on the Noosa River in Queensland. 2/31 July Orange/Maize 12 Months in Colour.

Noosa Boardwalk

Beachfront apartments. 29/30 Black and Colour June, 12 Months in Colour

Bright Yellow

365 Days in Colour March 2013 Archive Airings AA49 Sunshiny Yellow

Extreme Yellow

365 Days in Colour March 2013 Archive Airings AA49 Bright Sunshiny Yellow The Alphabet site 02/2015 Y

Purple Tiger

Noosa, Queensland Chili Pepper “Purple Tiger” is an amazingly beautiful small purple chilli plant. This extremely attractive plant produces small tear drop shaped fruit turning purple when ripe. The foliage is often tri-coloured, green, purple and white. Peppers are somewhat larger than regular jalapeño, but with the same thick walls and fiery heat. Great for use in salsas and would be very attractive pickled with a mixture of other jalapeño colours This unusual ornamental plant will lighten up even the dullest greenhouse. The fruits can be used to spice up many dishes and are a good source of vitamin C. 30/31 Mauve May, 12 Months/365 Days in Colour Archive Airings AA75 Leaves
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