Beach Huts


Beach Huts

07 May 2013 12 11 337
Photo of an Art photo print. Brighton Beach, Victoria. Canon EF-S 60mm Macro Lens Archive Airings AA21 Patterns

Pink Morning

12 May 2011 19 28 330
Archive re-post 2021 January 10 for Sunday challenge Taken 2011 May 12 Cordyline, Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. Archive Airings AA21 Patterns


22 Dec 2012 2 3 346
Archive Airings AA21 Patterns Noosa Hinterland, Queensland.

Burnt Orange and Rust

18 Nov 2013 1 160
Fallen flowers, African Tulip and Camellia, in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. Archive Airings AA38 Orange


01 Aug 2013 7 10 402
ODC July 30 Housework Archive Airings AA21 Patterns The Alphabet Site P

Blue Bottle

02 Aug 2013 2 4 328
Archive Airings AA18 Minimalism Queensland


12 Jan 2013 2 283
Bougainvillea, Queensland Archive Airings AA19 Bokehlicious

Prince of Orange

14 Nov 2013 3 11 387
We have three small Ixora shrubs in our front garden and they are all flowering beautifully. 14/30 Rust/burnt orange November, 365 colours. Archive Airings AA21 Patterns

Rusty Sunset

10 Nov 2013 1 260
Noosa Hinterland, Queensland

Red Bokeh

01 Sep 2013 1 3 465
Cordyline Berries, Tewantin, Queensland. Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM, zero editing. Canon EOS 550D. Archive Airings AA19 Bokehlicious

Orange Trumpet

18 Jul 2013 2 2 214
Orange Trumpet Creeper The orange trumpet creeper is a South American native which puts on a spectacular display of brilliant orange flowers from winter through to spring. Plant details Common name: Orange trumpet creeper, flame vine Botanic name: Pyrostegia venusta The genus name is from the Greek and refers to the colour of the flowers (pyro = flame and stege = covering). The species name 'venusta' means pleasing. Description A vigorous evergreen climber which supports itself by means of coiled, thread-like tendrils growing from the apex of some of the bright green compound leaves. Abundant, bold orange flowers are produced from about mid July until October. Wallace Park, Noosa, Queensland Archive Airings AA47 Flawless Flowers


08 Sep 2013 2 315
Noosa Hinterland, Queensland Archive Airings AA47 Flawless Flowers

Purple Spin

29 May 2013 6 15 363
Created in Tiny Planet. ODC Wednesday 29 May Topic Spin. Archive Airings AA24 Artistic Licence. The Alphabet Site P

Red Bird of Paradise

26 Dec 2013 338
Caesalpinia Pulcherrima, Queensland, Australia


08 Dec 2013 5 4 240
Noosa Hinterland, Queensland Canon EOS 550D, EFS 60mm.

Beach Huts on Blue

19 Aug 2013 1 273
Glass Coaster on blue background. Continuing the theme for 365 days in Colour. 20/31 August Dark Blue. Archive Airings AA29 Blue, blue, my world is blue!

Music from the Tea Lands

25 Jan 2014 243
Putumayo World Music CD cover. Guaranteed to make you feel good. Tracks in comments. 25/31 January Dark Green, 365 Days in Colour

Dinghies and the Ferry

03 Aug 2013 287
Noosa River, Queensland. The Junior and YouthSail Sailing program at Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club is continually growing from strength to strength. Now the largest Youth Sailing Development program in the country, Youthsail delivers sailing courses to around 275 kids and adults each week. 215/365 in 2013 Archive Airings AA29 Blue The Alphabet Site D

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