Evening is Golden


Evening is Golden

02 Jul 2014 16 16 435
We are having such glorious crisp and clear days and at the end of the day, lucky enough to capture this at the Yacht Club on the Noosa River in Queensland. 2/31 July Orange/Maize 12 Months in Colour.

Skinny Brown

12 Apr 2014 3 3 276
Doonan, Queensland

Pale Blue

21 Mar 2014 1 2 322
March scenes for 365 Days in Colour - theme Pale Blue. Noosa River. Noosa Boardwalk. Wreck of SS Dicky at Caloundra. Noosa Surf Festival.

Wreck of SS Dicky

20 Feb 2014 4 3 347
Steamer SS Dicky was shipwrecked on a Caloundra beach which was named after her. The ship sailed from Rockhampton and as it arrived to clear Caloundra Head it met lashing rain and cyclonic winds that sent the ship on her beam ends. Captain James Beattie was forced to beach the ship to avoid hitting the rocks off Moffat Beach. On 4th February 1893 at 10.35 am the ship grounded stern first on the beach. The Marine Board of Queensland tribunal concluding the Captain showed lack of judgement in not successfully weathering Caloundra Head, for which his licence was suspended for three months. Dicky Beach is a suburb of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, located within the Caloundra urban centre. The area was named after the iron steamboat, the SS Dicky, which ran aground during heavy seas in 1893. It was refloated, but again, heavy seas turned the ship about and back onto the sand where it remains to this day. Dicky Beach remains the only recreational beach in the world to be named after a shipwreck. Dicky Beach is a patrolled beach, and is home to the Dicky Beach Surf Life Saving Club. It has been awarded numerous awards, including the 'DHL Queensland Surf Life Saving Club of the Year' in 2009.

Chinese New Year

31 Jan 2014 1 2 338
Year of the Horse in 2014! This Chinese New Year ushers in the year of the wood horse in Chinese astrology. People born in the Year of the Horse are strong minded, energetic and very sociable. Read more: www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/horoscopes/chinese-new-year-2014 ... China Jade restaurant has been in Mary St, Noosaville, Queensland, since 1998. Archive Airings AA50 Celebrating


26 Jan 2014 1 4 237
Australia Day at Sunshine Beach, Queensland. View from the Surf Club Very windy, but a glorious day. 26/31 Dark Green, 365 Days in Colour.


25 Nov 2013 1 2 234
Square crop version for 100 Strangers, removing back lights... see photo in note top left. I met Margot at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club , where she has worked for the last seven years. She describes herself as made in Taiwan, although has never been there. She has worked all over Australia. Thanks so much, Margot, for agreeing to be my 27th Stranger in the 100 strangers project. It was lovely to meet you. Single shot Canon 60mm EFS lens, Canon SLR 550D.

Prince of Orange

14 Nov 2013 3 11 387
We have three small Ixora shrubs in our front garden and they are all flowering beautifully. 14/30 Rust/burnt orange November, 365 colours. Archive Airings AA21 Patterns

I See You

11 Nov 2013 10 10 558
Australian Seagull at Hilton Esplanade on the Noosa River in Queensland.

Alegria V

05 Oct 2013 1 2 450
Racing Yacht at the Wharf in Mooloolaba, Queensland. i have just started using Lightroom effects. I usually am not a big fan of effects but I found this result appealing.

Castle at Night

02 Oct 2013 1 4 184
Noosa Boardwalk, Queensland.

Beach Babe

11 Sep 2013 4 9 261
I parked in Noosa Woods and was on my way to the Boardwalk when I spotted this gorgeous pup, sitting quietly with his/her owner ;-) Noosa Main Beach, Queensland. The Alphabet Site B

Red Bokeh

01 Sep 2013 1 3 464
Cordyline Berries, Tewantin, Queensland. Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM, zero editing. Canon EOS 550D. Archive Airings AA19 Bokehlicious

Beach Huts on Blue

19 Aug 2013 1 272
Glass Coaster on blue background. Continuing the theme for 365 days in Colour. 20/31 August Dark Blue. Archive Airings AA29 Blue, blue, my world is blue!

Eastern Great Egret (Ardea alba modesta) White Her…

10 Aug 2013 6 9 448
Fisherman's friend. This Egret is very tame and has been receiving fish snacks from local fishermen for quite some time. Chaplin Park, Noosa River, Queensland. The Eastern Great Egret (Ardea alba modesta), a white heron in the genus Ardea, is a subspecies of the Great Egret (A. alba). It was first described by British ornithologist John Edward Gray in 1831. The Eastern Great Egret can be distinguished from other white egrets and herons in Asia and Australia by its very long neck, one and a half times as long as its own body. The egret breeds across Australia but only rarely in the southwest of the continent or dry interior. The largest colonies within Australia are in the Top End and Channel Country, which can number several thousand pairs. Colonies in the southeast of Australia can number several hundred pairs. The bird is an uncommon autumn and winter visitor to Tasmania. Wikipedia The Alphabet Site December 2014

Blue Bottle

02 Aug 2013 2 4 328
Archive Airings AA18 Minimalism Queensland


01 Aug 2013 7 10 402
ODC July 30 Housework Archive Airings AA21 Patterns The Alphabet Site P

Double Island Point from Rainbow Beach

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