Orange Morning


Orange Morning

What an amazing start to the day, crisp, clear and bright orange July 17. View to the coast from the Noosa Hinterland in Queensland. TSC Sunrise Sunset in Note on main image :-)

6.55 am Noosa Hill Sunrise

View to Noosa Hill and the coast. A beautiful crisp and clear winter's day in the Noosa Hinterland in Queensland. 13/31 July

Sensational Sunrise Sky

At 6.26 am. View towards the coast and Noosa Hill. Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. Explored Flickr 21 July 2013 #161

Another Chocolate Morning

6.51 am Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. Archive Airings AA52 Two, a couple, a pair.

Shades of Grey

Sunrise view to Noosa Hill in Queensland


Noosa Hinterland, Queensland

Sunrise over Noosa

Noos Hinterland, Queensland

Sunrise and Crescent Moon

Noosa Hinterland, Queensland

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Sunrise Mediterranean

Antibes to Elba overnight sail. We were able to sail all the way. Averaged 7 knots over 118 miles to Cape Corse. Level with Corsica at 5am on Saturday. Forgot all about it being Good Friday. What a night! Incredible cross sea swell and boat rocking and rolling. Our watches were 6-9pm, 11pm to 2am, then last watch up at 4.30am on Saturday to see dawn over Corsica. It was a roller coaster with boat and sea speed combined to 13 knots. Starboard tack for 160 miles. Three layers of clothing to remove between watches. Beautiful sail at dawn. Fresh wind and calm sea at about 4-5 knots. Could see Elba in the distance. After the night at winds force 6/7 and a heavy swell it was really heaven. 1986 Antibes to Sicily YCA 'French Connection' Delivery Cruise. Eight Moody 34 Yachts. Ours was ‘Pagoda’, crew of five, John the Skipper, Ian, Gill, Bill and Laurie. The other boats were Merlin of Marmaris(Lead Boat), Parachute, Paw Paw, Peso, Plaza, Prize, and Prancer.
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