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Beach Huts on White

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One of the traditional Queenslanders in the historic village of Tewantin, Queensland. Tewantin is a beautiful town on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is located on the Noosa River, and is the departure point for access to the famous North Shore beach drive which goes all the way to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island. If anyone asks “where’s Tewantin?” - the easiest answer is “Noosa”! This is because Tewantin is part of a group of towns that all join together on the northern Sunshine Coast. Tewantin flows into Noosaville; which flows into Noosa; which flows into Sunshine Beach etc. In 1869, Tewantin was the river port for the Noosa area. In 1871, Clarendon Stuart surveyed a town site for the Tewantin settlement. Tewantin was a thriving small town with a reliance on the gold, fishing and timber industries. Wikipedia The Alphabet Site Q 02/2015


Noosa Hinterland, Queensland

I See You

Australian Seagull at Hilton Esplanade on the Noosa River in Queensland.

White Sabots

Noosa Yacht Club, Noosa River, Queensland

Picnic Creek, Kondalilla Falls

Kondalilla National Park. A beautiful rainforest walk down to Picnic Creek, the Kondalilla Falls lookout and the Rock Pools. About 100 km north of Brisbane, near Montville, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, and a 45 minute drive from home. Named after the spectacular Kondalilla Falls, where Skene Creek drops 80 m into a rainforest valley, this park is a cool mountain retreat and an important refuge for many native animals and plants. 'William Skene founded this area on his property while searching for lost cattle. He named it Bon Accord before gifting it to the Queensland Government who, during the fifties, renamed it Kondalilla which is an Aboriginal word for running water. The area was first officially protected in 1906 as a recreational area, becoming a national park in 1945.' Wikipedia. Archive Airings AA63 Rivers, Streams, Waterfalls Long exposure


Cooroibah, Queensland.

Australian Pelican

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Sunny Seagull

Noosa River, Queensland More Seagulls at
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