Heron Portrait

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Heron Portrait

05 Apr 2013 14 19 528
Noosa River, Queensland. The adult White-faced Heron is relatively small, pale blue-grey. The forehead, crown, chin and upper throat are white. The crown pattern is variable, with the white occasionally spreading down the neck; the variability makes identification of individuals possible. The iris may be grey, green, dull yellow or cinnamon. The regions between the eye and bill on the side of the head (lores) are black. The beak is black and often pale grey at the base. During the breeding season pinkish-brown or bronze nuptial plumes appear on the foreneck and breast, with blue-grey plumes appearing on the back. Wikipedia

I See You

11 Nov 2013 10 10 558
Australian Seagull at Hilton Esplanade on the Noosa River in Queensland.

Heron and Bokeh

05 Apr 2013 1 254
Noosa River, Queensland. Archive Airings AA19 Bokehlicious

My friend the Seagull

11 Nov 2013 3 4 345
Hilton Esplanade, Noosa River, Queensland.

Sunny Seagull

17 Jun 2013 1 271
Noosa River, Queensland More Seagulls at www.flickr.com/photos/gilleverett/sets/72157632662380819

Rainbow Lorikeets

28 Feb 2013 6 5 354
Hilton Esplanade, Noosa, Queensland More Lorikeets at www.flickr.com/photos/gilleverett/sets/72157632880783941

Good Companions

17 Jun 2013 2 217
Australian Pelican and Seagulls on the Noosa River in Queensland

Australian Pelican

Laughing Kookaburra in Queensland

27 Jun 2013 6 7 449
On our swimming pool fence, Noosa Hinterland. The Alphabet Site L

Long Neck and Bokeh

05 Apr 2013 1 264
White Faced Heron. There are many local and migratory birds on the Noosa River in Queensland.

Pelican on the Noosa River

18 Jul 2013 263
Noosa, Queensland

Eastern Great Egret (Ardea alba modesta) White Her…

10 Aug 2013 6 9 448
Fisherman's friend. This Egret is very tame and has been receiving fish snacks from local fishermen for quite some time. Chaplin Park, Noosa River, Queensland. The Eastern Great Egret (Ardea alba modesta), a white heron in the genus Ardea, is a subspecies of the Great Egret (A. alba). It was first described by British ornithologist John Edward Gray in 1831. The Eastern Great Egret can be distinguished from other white egrets and herons in Asia and Australia by its very long neck, one and a half times as long as its own body. The egret breeds across Australia but only rarely in the southwest of the continent or dry interior. The largest colonies within Australia are in the Top End and Channel Country, which can number several thousand pairs. Colonies in the southeast of Australia can number several hundred pairs. The bird is an uncommon autumn and winter visitor to Tasmania. Wikipedia The Alphabet Site December 2014

Noosa River Pelican


04 Sep 2013 2 240
Noosa River, Queensland

Australian Corellas

05 Sep 2013 4 6 359
White Cockatoos, Noosa, Queensland

Sunday Stroll

03 Nov 2013 1 3 290
Noosa Main Beach, Queensland

D is for Duck

11 Nov 2013 3 6 391
Went down to the river today hoping to find 'D' and was lucky to see some ducks. Hilton Esplanade, Noosa River, Queensland. Archive Airings AA21 Patterns The Alphabet Site D

Australian Darter

02 Oct 2013 4 3 330
Amazing feathers. A water bird that is closely related to the Cormorants. Anhinga novaehollandiae The Darter's slender body, long, snake-like neck and its pointed, rather than hooked, bill distinguishes it readily from the bulkier cormorants with which it is often found. birdlife.org.au/bird-profile/australasian-darter Noosa Harbour, Queensland. Archive Airings AA21 Patterns.

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