Dora's umbrella

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Dora's umbrella

She can never resist checking out the photo props :-) It has actually been raining overnight. National Umbrella Day We can credit the Chinese for being the first to protect us from the rain. Their paper parasols received a layer of wax followed by lacquer that made the umbrella withstand the elements. One of the first umbrella shops in existence opened in 1830 at 53 New Oxford Street in London, England. The shop, operated by James Smith and Sons, still operates regular hours at the same location today. In 1928, Hans Haupt’s pocket umbrellas appeared. In 1969, Bradford E. Phillips, the owner of Totes Incorporated of Loveland, Ohio, obtained a patent for the first “working folding umbrella.”

February Plumbago

Flowering abundantly in our backyard, New South Wales, Australia. Sunday challenge-Single focal point.

mushroom art

Simplicity, à la Edward Weston One of the important photographers of the 20th century. He produced photographs that transformed his subjects into abstractions of shapes and patterns. He strove to capture the essence and beauty of everyday objects... My photo styled after his original artwork here...

Pebbly Beach

Only accessible via a rain forest track. View to distant Cape Hawke, New South Wales, Australia.

Pebbly Beach

Only accessible via a rain forest track. View to distant Cape Hawke, New South Wales, Australia.


love these colours. Sunday challenge - opposites minimalist In PiP opposites before I remembered about minimalist...

bursting into flower

Our flowering red gum, New South Wales, Australia. It is Eucalyptus Summer Red, a (grafted) hybrid between Eucalyptus ficifolia and ptychocarpa, quite a tiny tree at the moment. Can grow to a height of 5m and a crown width of 3m. Wider view in PiP Sunday challenge - unusual or odd shaped items


Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. ... Kalanchoe is a succulent herb of the jade plant family (Crassulaceae) from Madagascar. The genus was first described in 1763 by the botanist Michel Adanson. Kalanchoe was brought from Madagascar to Paris in 1927 and turned into a houseplant by the German seed merchant Robert Blossfeld. Today, Blossfeld’s name is attached to the species Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. This plant was one of the first plants in space, sent to the Soviet space station Salyut 1 in 1971. The plants were brought up to the station to increase the mood of the crew.

fisheye Angus

poor Angus, he is usually much more photogenic :-) Had to go on a search for the camera which has a good fisheye feature. Of course, its battery needed charging. Then a few snaps :-) see PiP Sunday challenge - AMUSEMENT Google defines amusement as "the state or experience of finding something funny." Let's have a giggle. :D