Black Head Beach

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Black Head Beach

NSW, Australia Black Head is composed of Devonian mudstones, however unlike its neighbour Red Head, the name does not refer to the colour of the rock, but rather the Irish birthplace (Black Head Antrim) of the first settler William Hoy who moved to Black Head NSW around 1881. 2020 date posted changed/previously private

Merry Christmas

Posting date changed, previously private. Wishing all my friends here on ipernity a very enjoyable time, and a brighter 2021! 2020 Sunday challenge - post something from your archives, with few or no comments, preferably something festive.


... bees on little Dugald Metrosideros in winter, Queensland. 2020 Sunday challenge - image with no comments, from the archives (previously private)

bird watching

Dora the Explorer

Red and Gold

7/31 Metallic Gold December Archives, previously private, date posted changed to December 2020.

357/365 festive textures

Previously private, date uploaded 27 Dec 2015 changed to 27 Dec 2020. 2020 Sunday challenge... Festive textures

Don't URK be happy

Original post 2018. Re-post December 2020 for Sunday challenge. Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2021!! (The one with historical comments is in PiP, slightly different) Don't Worry, Be Happy :-) Here is a little song I wrote You might want to sing it note for note Don't worry be happy In every life we have some trouble When you worry you make it double Don't worry, be happy...... From the Movie "Cocktails" Performed by Bobby McFerrin The Sunday Challenge Letters U R K (In the context of this group "to URK" is to kind of complain about something, or be unhappy about doing something.) Letters from pngtree, with my background(8th June 2018), and balloons :-) Composite image created 11th June 2018.