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  • From Empire SB

  • Une inconnue / Unknown flower

  • Ein Tromsø-Blick

    Corona macht's möglich: endlich komme ich dazu "Die Reise meines Lebens" (1x Berlin bis Vardø und zurück) für mich selbst aufzubereiten. Ich versuche (seit Wochen schon) die beeindruckendsten Momente dieser 3 Monate in einem "richtigen" Foto-Album zukunft…

  • Wuppertal

    Der stillgelegte Bahnhof Wuppertal-Mirke

  • Solidarity with all key workers.....

    On Explore...thank you I don't normally do selfies :-), but need to share this one. My heart goes out to all workers who have to wear these masks all the time. I salute them. They are horrendous to wear, even for a few minutes. I wish you all a good we…

  • Mowing time

  • Campagna israeliana

  • awakening

    please press z... ...and take care :)

  • Piemont Tour 2019 / Asti

    The Torre Rossa / The old church San Secondo of the Red Tower The Torre Rossa is a Romanesque tower, it is 24 metres high and has the shape of a 16-sided polygon. It is one of the oldest buildings in Asti, built in different eras, the red part built in th…

  • Blue Rondo...

    ...A La Hedge

  • Canola flowers

    Fujifilm X-Pro2, Nokton Classic 35mm f1.4

  • Yellow Cranes On The Tyne

  • Double-decker

    Pentax Spotmatic, Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8, Kodak t-max 100, Epson GT-X830

  • Forth Bridge

    An analoge capture taken on ORWO Color Diapositiv with my EXA IIb camera, scanned and post-processed by Photoshop
    By FMW51

  • Mutual support

    A bit of mutual support as the trunks grow old together

  • Puttenham Common

    A bit of tree tracery with a view to the Hogs Back beyond the fields


  • Supermoon over Notre Dame, 1 February 2018

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