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Bauhaus - Too Much 21St Century

Too Much 21St Century
Go Away White

there outta be
something better

a better singer
a better actor
better job

...better money
better get her....
better lover...
...better not

too much luck
too much conceit
give me one religion
it's too much

too much passing information

too much selfish
too much fake
too much computer
too much to take
it's too much

too much effort
too much, kid
too much control -- control
it's too much

bet you want to
be something better!
a better singer
a better actor
better job

better money
better got her
better love her
better not

a better human

it's too much
it's too much
oh yeah

Nearly 25 years after its previous album, BURNING FROM THE INSIDE, the legendary U.K. goth-rock ensemble Bauhaus returned with its purported swan song, GO AWAY WHITE. While the famously brooding band splintered into various acts over the decades--most ... Full Descriptionnotably Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail, and frontman Peter Murphy solo--WHITE finds the group sounding remarkably cohesive, and, at times, disarmingly lighthearted.

For better or worse, Bauhaus actually seems to be having fun on the slinky "Too Much 21st Century," the fierce "Adrenalin," and the tongue-in-cheek "Endless Summer of the Damned," all of which feature Murphy gleefully indulging in his 1970s-Bowie-isms, and Daniel Ash casting out barbed guitar lines. Of course, the iconic quartet can't resist a partial return to truly sinister form, as best evinced on "The Dog's a Vapour," a moody track that points to Bauhaus's avant-garde leanings. Though it appears that WHITE won't be a new beginning for the beloved black-clad crew, it does serve as a fine, if unexpected, end.

Uncut (p.83) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t's rough and ready serrated rock, flush with unapologetic guitar flash from Daniel Ash..."

Kerrang (Magazine) (p.47) - "[With] penetrable, hooky and even foot-tapping fare..."

Mojo (Publisher) (p.114) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "Daniel Ash, whom Murphy lately gifted Jimi Hendrix's original Vox wah wah pedal, spirits up mighty, spacious riffs, groovily backed by David J and Kevin Haskins."