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The Jam - Stoned Out Of My Mind

Stoned Out Of My Mind
Tha Jam
Extras: A Collection of Rarities

Baby when I found out you were lying
Playing around and conniving
Undesired tears I was crying
'Cause sugar coated as I was buying
I was just a backseat driver in a car of love
Going wherever you take me
Don't know why I put up with the pain
'Cause no one else can make me

You've got me going - stoned out of my mind

And when you led me to the waters I drank it
But I drank more than I could hold
And you took my mind off my body
And now you want to take my soul

Where can I run?
Where can I hide?
Who can I talk to?
Tell me what more can I do?

You've got me going - stoned out of my mind

Playing around with every guy in town
It's funny I just can't put you down
See my head - it's spinning around
Since the day you let me down


A collection of B-sides, alternate or demo versions, and previously unreleased songs.

Recorded between 1978 and 1992. Includes liner notes by Paolo Hewitt.

Pity the oft-neglected B-side. Often just a throwaway track designed to ... Full Descriptionback up but not supersede a band's "official" new release, by the time the single is filed away alphabetically, it's usually forgotten by even the most zealous collector. Unless of course the B-side is by seminal English mod revivalists The Jam, in which case a closer listen is not only warranted, but required. For The Jam packed their B-side songs with more fire and brimstone than most bands did the A-sides.

Unfortunately the vinyl days of yore are but a memory. Fortunately, EXTRAS collects most of the Jam's odds and sods on disc for fans young and old. A bonus is Paul Weller's always-eclectic taste in covers, which runs from the Who ("So Sad About Us") to the Beatles ("And Your Bird Can Sing") to the godfather of soul himself , Mr. James Brown ("I Got You [I Feel Good]"). EXTRAS is valuable not only as a chronology of the gems that Weller was tossing off in his spare time, but as a look at how truly eclectic the Jam were as a band.