Gary Austin

Gary Austin

Posted on 03/18/2008

Photo taken on August 13, 2007

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hard disk platter

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wind chime (kaze kane)
bamboo, hard disk platters, disk parts, fishing line, copper wire

Gary Austin
Gary Austin
はい (yes).

This is not exactly 'found' art since I had to do some work to take a hard drive apart. But once I had the hard drive parts I used common materials. For this wind chime I used Golden bamboo from my yard (the upper piece), timber bamboo from a friend (the lower piece), copper wire (you can see the two ends of the wire sticking through the lower piece, the wire goes under the bamboo), snap swivels (snap swivels are normally used with fishing line), and hard disk platter spacers on the upper bamboo held in place with hand-made bamboo 'nails'.

I have many hard disk platters - the I.T. department where I work gives me hard disks that have stopped working. So I have made many wind chimes. There is even one of them hanging outside of the office of one of my company's distributors in Chiba, Japan.
11 years ago.