Here We Have Proof that the Rainbow Ends in Place de la Concorde

2014 Year in Images

Among Gamma Infinity's albums

Eternal Sunshine

Los Angeles Gives me nice bright colors Makes me hot in winter Makes me think all the world's just like L.A.. I gotta Nikon camera I love to take photographs Mama don't take Los Angeles away.

Every Day Is Sun Day

Getty museum. Nice day. I wonder if this guy's thinking, "Sell the house, sell the kids, get here when you're finished, I'll have found a place by then."

Trouble in Paradise

It's starting..............


A little street theater on the 405 thrill ride.

It's About Time!

Lookie here, real genuine storm clouds. No rain yet, but still it's a step in the right direction.

Sunset, February 2, 2014

Nice to have clouds again.

Free Matisse for YOU!

Such a deal. Millennium Bridge from St. Paul's.

Regent St. Rain

From the bus.

6 Bus, Rain

3 buses visible here. No. 6 dead ahead, one ahead of it, and the windshield of the one behind it, where I am.
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