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  • IMG0311(cANON67(BATH)2017

    Curry meal.

  • IMG 20171119 134713

    Jasper, when he was a kitten. Bye darling.

  • IMG0030(Canon67(BATH)2017

    R.I.P JASPER 17.11.17.......Bye darling.. Had to have hm put to sleep last night. He was struggling for most of the day.

  • IMG 20171117 115509

    Taken at farm shop.

  • IMG 20171117 115401

    Taken at farm shop

  • Jasper

    Had some bad news yesterday. Apart from gum problem, was also informed he has a lump under his tongue. Basically, cancer. This will spread down his throat.At present, he is just on painkillers plus antibiotics for infection. He is too old to operate on.…

  • IMG 20171116 124313

    At grandson school.

  • 081117(Canon67(BATH)2017

    Taken in bar.

  • IMG0302(Canon67)BATH 2017

    In the sunlight.

  • IMG0301(Canon67)BATH)2017

    Taylor (grand-daughter )

  • MG0289(Canon67(BATH)2017

    Raindrops on refuse trolley.

  • IMG0294(Canon67)BATH 2017

    New light

  • MG0296(Canon67(BATH)2017

    Ready for lunch.

  • MG0295(Canon67(BATH)2017

    Lights reflected on table.

  • IMG0285(Canon67)BATH)2017

    After fog this morning.

  • IMG0284(Canon67(BATH)2017

    More webs.

  • IMG0283(Canon67(BATH)2017

    After fog this morning.

  • IMG0282(Canon67(BATH)2017

    More webs.

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