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  • Dramatic skies.

    The date is 11/15/13. I'm just coming off a bout of anal cancer and it's consequences, spending way too much time in hospitals and doctor's waiting rooms. My cancer is in remission. I still have COPD (which will never go away or get better unless they…

  • 9/11/11

    10th anniversary. Spectacular skies in Kingman if we get tired of all the bs on TV.

  • 8/7/11 Jimson (Datura stramonium)

    Also known as loco weed in these parts. They will get you high or kill you.

  • 8/7/11 Desolation row

    Looking out at Cerbat Mt. through broken window of brand new abandoned house. The first time I've ever seen anything like this in my 70 years. The USA is definitely going through some changes.

  • 8/7/11 Desolation row

    The U.S. is slowing sinking into third world status. This is a row of very expensive houses that were abandoned before they were sold and now sit naked to the elements and are used by teen agers as party pads.

  • 8/7/11: Cerbet Mt.

    This is the lower part of a range that extends from Kingman all the way north to Dolan Springs--about 60 miles. The area was heavily mined and has several ghost towns.

  • 8/7/11: Morning walk

    Hualapai Mountains. About 10 miles south of Kingman. Pine covered, a lodge and restaurant at the top, some hiking trails, but not well developed.

  • 5/25/11: Golden Valley, AZ.

  • 5/25/11: Golden Valley, AZ.

    Trail Head. I've never been on this trail, but maybe I'll try it if my health improves.

  • 5/25/11: Golden Valley, AZ.

    These and the other 'rock pictures' are in Golden Valley, AZ. They are in Bureau of Land Management territory. I'm not sure what the range is called, but it separates Kingman and Golden Valley from the lower Colorado River.

  • 5/25/11: Golden Valley, AZ.

  • 5/25/11: Golden Valley, AZ.

  • 5/25/11: Golden Valley, AZ.

    Sometimes the rocks can get so very phallic---or is it just my addled imagination?

  • 5/25/11: Village of Golden Valley, AZ.

    This is part of the town of Golden Valley, fondly known as the meth capital of the country by local residents. Timothy McVeigh lived here for a brief spell. Golden Valley is next to Kingman. Tim picked up his love of guns in Kingman. Kingman is fondly…

  • 5/23/11: Pleasant Dreams

    She's probably dreaming of catching a hare. She's too cross-eyed to be much of a hunter, but she can dream.

  • 5/23/11: Near Kingman

    About 3 miles north of our home. This is the land of 'wide open spaces'.

  • 5/23/11: Meadview area

    We have land here. Meadview is about 80 miles north of Kingman. it's near the Colorado River where it comes out of the Grand Canyon into Lake Mead. That's the rear end of the lower Grand Canyon in the distance. "Meadview is an unincorporated communit…

  • 5/23/11: Ms Puss at her rest.

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