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  • 1994 06 USA05,06 Alaska Canada USA

    Three trips in one self-prepared and 3 rental cars; We arrived from France in Chicago O'are and had a connecting flight to Alaska Anchorage; After this trip we had a flight to Seattle in Washington where we organized a long trip in Canada Vancouver Island…

  • 20010116-0365ac The Adorable Niniwe

    When we arrived in the caves site, a young girl came immediately to me and hangged a little metallic butterfly on my shirt, saying 'I am Niniwe, now I can't loose you, you belong to me!'; She was probably used to guide tourists locally; As it was very hot…

  • 100 0076ac Happyness is Simple

    Just find a pleasant and quite place to picnic, for example in the forest near a singging stream, with just bought in a nearby village fresh water, a baguette, delicatessen, veggies and fruits! It is what we do in all our trips in Europe and North Americ…

  • Michaelangelo Croutching Boy

    The Crouching Boy is a sculpture of the great Renaissance Italian painter and sculptor Michelangelo, preserved today at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, it is the only work by Michelangelo in the Hermitage Museum; Montage of two pictures of mine…

  • P6169803ac Tender Scene of Friendship

    Tender Carrefour aperitive sticks seem to attract very much this dog!!! Some families have brought table chairs and picnic as the parade begins here is at lunch time; I loved this scene where the dog gave longly and kindly its leg to the kid probably to…

  • P7080241ac Relaxing Inside our Cabin

    The ship is cruising on the Svir river to Mandrogui then Onega lake.

  • P6077423ac Kitty on Survey of the Valley Ecrins National Park

    Very few editing of the original inspired me this image! France Rhône-Alpes Region Hautes-Alpes and Isère Departments Ecrins National Park wilderness.

  • P6231227ac Manuel and Jacques First Meeting

    A great joy to meet Manuel and Jeannette who have received us as kings!!!! Spain Castile Alcala Manuel's home garden.

  • PICT17066ac Marathon Boy 340 B.C The Absolute Grace

    Famous bronze statue of a young boy from Marathon village 340 B.C. found in the sea near Marathon, a little village North of Athens near Eubea Island that we visited also; Athens Archaeological Museum.

  • PICT17062ac Paris Statue 340 - 330 B.C. Profile for guenievre

    Statue immersed discovered on the sea ground; Museum comment: Bronze statue of a youth from the Antikythera shipwreck; The figure has been identified with Perseus, who would have been holding the head of Medusa; More probably, however, it depicts Paris, w…