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  • Seen and enjoyed

    A rave of colour

  • Light VS Darkness

    By LOKY

  • Quoi ? ?

  • hello.. i am still alive :-D

    a little sign from me... with 25kg more :-D

  • o \ °

  • Jake in Würzburg - the open window

    (on black :-)

  • flying into the morning light

    view north to the river Mur and the city of Graz.........
    By Berny

  • and the gramophone plays..........

    better on black.......
    By Berny

  • the green salon

    just a simple small abandoned house.......
    By Berny

  • Waves of Glory

  • Somme remembrance

  • Forgotten

    But in silence, in dreams' projections, While the world of gain and appearance and mirth goes on, So soon what is over forgotten, and waves wash the imprints off the sand, With hinged knees returning I enter the doors, (while for you up there, Whoever you…
    By Shi*

  • let's smile...spring is here :)

    By Rumple

  • Côtes de Provence

    De La Ciotat à Toulon. Vol Barcelona - Geneva

  • Neuschwanstein

    On Black - Localize - Recent - Interestingness - Blog Reply with Darckr

  • Fritz...


  • pumpkin

    By Rumple

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