Small Purple Flowers - What are they?

Close up of little purple flowers at Queen Elizabeth Gardens. They looked nice in the sunshine.

Sad tulip....

Spring rain and I still don't know why this tulip is bent over...It's neighbours are looking up to the sky.

Seeded Dandelion on Black

Happened to find the perfect backdrop for this seeded dandelion.

In the Giant Rhubarb

Queen Elizabeth Park has two areas of giant rhubarb. I got in amongst it that day....

Spring Raindrops on Maple Leaves

Late May raindrops on fresh young maple leaves.... it was a great morning despite the rain.

Wild Rose

How spectacular even wild roses look.

Beauty of Light

Greens and purples highlighted by the on black in lightbox

Water Lilies soaking in the Sun

One of the ponds at Queen Elizabeth park has these beautiful burgundy coloured water lilies. I like how the sun was reflecting off the lily pads.

Backlit Purple

Found at Queen Elizabeth Park. I don't know what they are but sure looked nice in the light.
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