• Spring Moss

    Spring moss I found on hiking trip along Findlayson Sound on Vancouver Island

  • Ornamental Grass - Skyward

    From one of the gardens at Confederation Park in Burnaby BC. I liked the view looking up.

  • Delicate Yellows and Oranges

    Some time to kill at the ferry terminal at Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. Came across these yellow and orange beauties.

  • Lit up

    The light seem to be perfect.... with the dark background.

  • Gone to seed!

    The backlight of sunlight shows the wispiness of the seed carrier of this plant. I don't know what it is but there were an explosion of these pods.

  • What's this flower called

    Took this near the end of July in my neighbourhood.... what's is this plant called.

  • Yellow Flowers and Brick Wall

    I was walking by a neighbours house and these flowers just stood out against the brick wall. The DOF on this shot has the wall just slightly out of focus. I like the effect. bcanna what are the name of the flowers... are they a type of daisy.

  • A Purple Flower

    This is very accurate colour. This was taken in late fall and they were still blooming.

  • What is this Plant?

    An interesting plant getting ready to bloom this coming spring. This was taken on a rainy day in Stanley Park

  • Daffodils abound - it must be spring! Yeah!!!

    We finally got some sun today.... took a walk around the neighbourhood and found this bright yellow daffodil with a nice background.

  • Red Tulip

    Soft lighting from a dreary spring day adds a nice touch to this lovely spring flower.

  • New Spring Growth

    Old feeding the new.....

  • Sunlit and Shadowed

    Brightly lit leaves with shadows. What this plant is I do not know but there is many of these flowering.

  • Ready to Seed

    The common dandelion at seed,

  • Dandelion

    A beautiful yellow flower of a common weed.

  • Glowing Poppy

    Wild poppy found on one of my hikes throught the trails along Burrand Inlet. The low sun was striking this one. I compensated ev and got this result.

  • Off to weed the world!

    It was breezy this day and fortunate to capture these dandelion seeds taking flight. It is nice to have continous mode.

  • Purple Tulipa

    These two colours go together very well.

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