Autumn Beauty

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Autumn Beauty

Found this tree downtown at an office tower, The leaves are vibrant in their autumn colour of red. The wall of the building makes a nice backdrop. It feels Japanese to me.

English Bay-- Windy & Waves

Last Frday Dec 7th had strong winds over 40 kph from the west. English Bay where the freighters and other smaller boats are moared gets a really good churn from the wind. The seagulls like to soar head on into the wind just above the waves. It was blustery and I got many good shots. The light was amazing.

Sunset from Burnaby Mountain

Sunset Jan 5th from Burnaby Mountain Park

Backlit by the Sun

I was catching the sunset over Vancouver the other day and came upon this neat backlight framing technique with a dandelion seed pod. You can see the skyline in the background.

Foggy Sunrise

From my archives.... this December 2009 sunrise turned out to be a really foggy morning.

Golden Beauty

A find while walking with Darby.

A November Reflection

Saturday Nov 24th was a nice reprieve from the rain. Sunny all day. I had to work yesterday afternoon @ 3:00PM. Went downtown early and walk to my office along the shoreline. This is Crab Park and the puffy white clouds over the mountains looked just great in the reflection of this pond. It was a great day and I got a few shots before having to go to work.

Deer Lake Brooke

This slow shutter speed shot makes Deer Lake Brooke more mirror like. It was very shaded and the sunlight on the Brooke adds nice colour with the green.

Red Rose on Black

Pulled from the archives... I like the sensuous feeling this red rose dripping with raindrops emotes when set upon black.
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