Mini Waterfall

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  • Mini Waterfall

    Went on a hike on Dec 31st in the mountains. Took this low angle perspective in a small creek and loved the way it turned out. For hiking, it was another warm day of our warm and dry December. 6 degrees C. Good to get a mountain hike in at the end of the…

  • Wild Berries

    The sun caught these berries and gave them a nice glow against the background. Found this in one of the trails walking down from Burnaby Mountain Park that I had never been on before.

  • Fern

    Delicate fern leaves highlighted by the sun.

  • Decaying leaves

    A broken triee limb has decaying leaves that stand out against the lush green of the forest.

  • BC Rainforest

    From a hike yesterday on the start of Baden Powell trail from Deep Cove. The forest is a vibrant green from wet mosses at this time of year.

  • Vibrant Green Moss

    Another shot along the Baden Powell trail yesterday. The moss carpet on the rainforest floor.

  • Wild Spring Blossoms

    An early dash of colour amongst mainly greens and browns. Plenty of these found along my hiking trails.

  • Eagle Bluff Lookout - Top of Black Mountain

    A Panoramic view from the top Mt. Black in Cypress Provincial Park. We hiked up the Baden Powell trail from Horseshoe Bay to this point.

  • Forest in the clouds.

    The hike at Butzen Lake last weekend was 1000 meters vertical which took us into the cloud layer. The hike in the forest was cool moist and enjoyable.

  • Across the Straight of Juan de Fuca

    Climbing the mountains on the north shore of Vancouver offers some great scenic views across the straight to Vancouver Island. I found this in my archives from last year. The layers of cloud/mist really highlight the landscape of the island. A boat can be…

  • September Sunset

    As seen from Mount Seymore.

  • The "Lions" Panorama

    Hiked to the base of the Lions on Friday Sept 25th. It was a perfect day for the grueling 17km round trip. The left {west lion) can be summited but we needed to have left earlier so we could have rested to do and leave enought time to get back before sun…

  • A view from the top of Seymour Mt.

    From the top of Seymour mountain. You can see a raven that is starting to glide by as I was taking this vista shot.

  • Rain Forest Mushroom

    The wet forest of Capilano Regional Park in North Vancouver produces some nice mushrooms. This shot was from my hike on Nov 3rd.

  • Winter Forest Floor- Burnaby Mountain Park

    This winter has been warm. This area was covered with snow this time last year. My hikes and walks have been easier.

  • Vancouver Island Panorama

    A panormamic view of Vancouver Island across the Strraight of Georgia. Taken from the top of Seymore mountain. The lowering sun made a nice sheen on the straight.

  • Vancouver Airport Panorama

    This is a view looking south. The Vancouver International Airport is just behind the Point Grey land mass that is in the immediate foreground. View big.

  • The Road Home

    Walking along the power line trail at the end of a long hike on Burnaby Mountain.

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