Crescent Moonset & Vancouver Night Skyline

A photo of the cityscape just before the setting crescent moon slips below Vancouver Island. This is the lowest angle of the full crescent moon, hence its' deep colour.

Celebration of Light - United Kingdom Team

Saturday July 27th was the first team for the Fireworks competition. This year the three teams are United Kingdom then Canada and finally Taiwan. United Kingdom did their show to the theme songs from James Bond movies and finishing with Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die"... A fun time and the beaches everywhere were packed. One shot of many...I will make a video from the shots.

Celebration of Light UK Team

If you are not around the barge you do not get to see the unique low displays... I liked this one.

Celebration of Light - UK Team

Another dazzling display from the UK Team...

Celebration of Light - Team Canada

I decided to view Team Canada's display from Capitol Hill. Bringing in the Vancouver Skyline and the fireworks exploding over English bay. This one was huge.... another amazing light show.

Vancouver Cityscape at Dusk

Found this angle at a park to get Cypress Ski hill lights in the background of Vancouver.

TED Talks - Interactive Art Sculpture

This year the TED talks are held at the New Convention Centre here in Vancouver. This mesh sculpture is suspended between the convention centre and another building. At dusk they turn on the wireless connection and light display. With your wireless phone tablet etc. you connect to the system and use your touch screen to interact with the program changing patterns on the sculpture. It is not possible to show the patterns with the photography as the exposure is several seconds. It still turns out great though…

TED Talks at Vancouver Convention Centre

This is a view of the newer convention centre where the TED talks were held. You can see the TED symbol at the far right of the image and in the top left corner the interactive light sculpture. I have heard that everything is going well with this location and we may be holding the TED talks for a few years.

Celebration of Light - China

This past Saturday was the start of the annual Honda Celebration of Light at English Bay Vancouver. China is the first of three countries in the event with Brazil this Wed. and Canada Saturday Aug 1st.
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