• Desktop: July 2007

    Ubuntu Linux Background: The Greenway Compiz Fusion Emerald Avant Window Navigator Screenlets Pidgin Exaile Icons: Deluge Democracy (now Miro) Mail notification Glipper Deskbar

  • Amie Street: Street cred after

    Amie Street is awesome!

  • Amie Street: Street cred before

    Amie Street is awesome!

  • Firefox3

    There's a small bug in the rendering of Ipernitys "My Space" in Firefox 3.0a9: The two "l"s in "all" are crunched together.

  • Pro

    Yes, I'm a Pro!

  • ipernity NSFW front page

    Should there be an option to see Ipernity without any NSFW pictures? Discuss! The main picture on this frontpage is photographer1 by Robin Banks. The two small NSFW pictures are both by Soleá. Both are great contributors to Ipernity, and I'm very glad th…

  • ipernity - Latest docs

    Should there be an option to see Ipernity without any NSFW pictures? Discuss!

  • FreeRice

    FreeRice.com For each word you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. WARNING: This game may make you smarter. It may improve your speaking, writing, thinking, grades, job performance... The rice is paid for by…

  • My Mile Marker

    Keep track of your fuel consumption with My Mile Marker.

  • Vote for ipernity at The Crunchies 2007 NOW!

    To have your vote counted you have to submit it before midnight, PST tonight! I have no idea when that is, but it's pretty soon, so go vote now! Update: Ipernity didn't make it.. :(

  • ipernity holidays

    Ipernity is decorated nicly for the holidays. Happy holidays ipernity and everyone! :)

  • My Netvibes

    My Netvibes in Firefox 3 nightly (Minefield) with Personas for Firefox.

  • Dobbel-kudos


  • Small bug in Underskog

  • Underskog profil-kalender-bug

  • Underskog-Jabber

  • Underskog-Jabber-samtale

    Yey, det funker!

  • Down or up?

    This arrow should be turned on its head, no..?