elevator self-portrait

Me Myself and I

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  • elevator self-portrait

  • unsmiling me and diana

  • a dweeb in a rice paddy

  • my head is shrinking

    exposure time around 5 minutes. taken with this camera.

  • i've got dust in my eye

    another shot i took for the toycamera.com self-portrait gallery but didn't submit.

  • cyclops

  • psychedelic self-portrait

  • portrait

    for the june/july BHF challenge. 8] Portrait: This is always a fun one, so pick an animal or person or whatever you'd like. Extra points will be awarded if you pull off a self-portrait!

  • xpro self-portrait

    a bit of a failure on the double exposure front. i'm still not all that satisfied with my xpro experiments. i wish the whole roll had such whacked out colours.

  • self-portrait brownie style

    a test to see what a self-portrait with the brownie hawkeye flash would look like. hmm, i'm a bit dusty.

  • more elevator games

  • red water dreams

    a double exposure experiment. the roll was first shot in a brownie hawkeye flash and then i loaded it in the duaflex III and exposed the film a second time. needless to say some shots worked better than others...

  • on the cusp

  • a new camera deserves a new haircut

    the actual photo is a bit more washed out. adjusted the levels when i scanned it.

  • secrets reveal themselves

  • graffiti and me

  • dork with a diana

  • i was there too

    nearly all of the shots on this test roll have a slight soft focus. not enough to be really interesting though. this shot, i was sure to be way out of focus ends up being the one the most in focus . so apparently, an arm's length is the proper focus dista…

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