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Mar2012 sample

Volume I, Number 1 - March 2012 Features include: Self Images, Inspired by Art, Send in the Clones, Essay: Lives Laid Bare - How living in a hyper-sexual culture has changed the images we make of ourselves, and The Art of Decay, an interview with urb…

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5x5 July2012 sample

Volume I, Number 2 - July 2012 Features include Beginnings, A Tale of Two Weddings, Review: Who Shot Rock & Roll, Essay: The Emancipation of Artemis, and a Q&A with boudoir photographer Julie Hunter. Copyright 2012 5x5 All Rights Reserved

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5x5 Dec2012 sample

Volume I, Number 3 - December 2012 Features include Fragments, Playing with the Elements, As a Child I Dreamt of Dogs, Review: no strangers, Essay: How Photographers Reconnect Us to the World, and a Q&A with underwater photographer Brenda Stumpf. Co…

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