Posted on 09/07/2014

Photo taken on September  7, 2014

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Kate Shelley Bridge

Kate Shelley Bridge
This old rail bridge is named after a lady who did a particularly heroic deed in 1881. The concrete construction on the left is its modern replacement, and retains the name.

Picture was taken on my first visit, which turns out to be at the wrong time of day for lighting. Every approach to the bridge except one is fenced off and marked "no trespassing" -- and with morning light, the only good perspective shots are either directly or almost directly into the sun. I'll try again sometime during an evening, and possibly with a wide lens.


This is a crossview image, designed to produce a 3-D effect without the use of special glasses.

Instructions: while looking at the pair of pictures, cross your eyes very gently and watch as the images start to overlap. When you get the correct overlap, there will be exactly three images. Let your attention linger on the middle one until your perception locks in and you see depth.

Why it works: your right eye sees the left image, and vice versa. Since the two images were taken with lenses spaced at a distance similar to that between your eyes, your visual cortex receives the same information as if you were physically in the scene.

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Don Sutherland
Don Sutherland
Great capture.
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