Posted on 10/13/2015

Photo taken on October  9, 2015

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Spot the Differences

Spot the Differences
For the October Scavenge Challenge, Item # 5: "Spot the differences- create a pair of photos (diptych) in which exactly 5 things are different. Be careful! Moving something and changing its colour count as two differences."

I got the idea and then discovered that it was easier said than done. I hope this qualifies. You may see some minor differences - those tomatoes roll at the least provocation! - but the 5 major differences should be easy to spot. If Crow disqualifies me, it's back to the drawing board!

Bee Nee, John Lawrence have particularly liked this photo

#bottom right changed colour
#medium one bottom right moved slightly
#top right red one taken out
#centre large one turned around
#small one top rightish rolled over
#slightly different crop of shot
great puzzle
2 years ago.
Weld with Rob
Weld with Rob
Hmm, well done :-}
Ok, so I'll have a go
Big yellow one turned around
Red one, top right, taken away
Big green one, lower right, turned around
Red one, bottom left, becomes green
The last one is real tricky, as you've said they moved on you. So my last guess is
Red one, middle right, moved over slightly, and/or tilted a smidge. (the tiny yellow one next to it is rotated too)
2 years ago.
Bee Nee
Bee Nee
Quite a job, Kathy! I can imagine how they just tilted or rolled away - and you chasing after them... ;-)
I think this is very nicely done!
2 years ago.