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  • Hymne à la nuit

  • Apo Biker...

    ... With his bicycle up to Hymettus Mountain,Attica

  • Summer Boy...Summer Joy

    ... my second son Apo on Porto Rafti beach

  • Summer Memories...

    ... In Sifnos island some years ago

  • Summer without sand is sea without water...


  • Im Sommerlicht...

  • Santa Cristina - In Via Fidei

    Saint Christina was from Tyre in Syria, the daughter of a pagan named Urban. Enlightened in her heart to believe in Christ, she broke her father's idols, made of gold and silver, and distributed the pieces to the poor. When her father learned this, he pun…

  • La Fille et la Mer...



  • EU Final Count-dάουν


  • The Gypsy Omen Watcher

    Watching the strange flight of birds and the wind movements and the throwing of tree leaves Insight foreteller of fate and coming future

  • Summer...

  • ~ Mist of Time ~


  • Légèreté dans l' été

  • Oooopa....!!!

    Surpassing Life's Obstacles...is something one must learn from a young age

  • * Flowers Whisper *

    Ταμαρίς η χαμπεανή(κοινώς αρμυρίκι) - Tamarix hampeana Ναι...τα λουλούδια ψιθυρίζουν...Μα πρέπει να 'σαι σιωπηλός για να τον πιάσεις αυτόν τον ψίθυρο...!!! Υes,flowers do whisper....Βut you must be silent to catch this whisper...!!!

  • = May Visitor =

    on a Rhynchospermum jasminoides flower in Porto Rafti

  • Πάσχα 2016 - Easter 2016

    Παραδοσιακά με αρνί στη σούβλα στο Πόρτο Ράφτη - Traditionally with the lamb in the spit in Porto Rafti

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