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  • My picnic table in summer. Sierra de La Cabrera

    I have posted this granite oddity before - in a foggy December setting. This was taken in the heat of an August day but the breeze you can get on the ridge here takes the edge off the stifling heat down below.


    Bon dimanche / Happy Sunday!

  • Indigo

    Aboubakar Fofana ( Mali ): Natural fiber-based textiles, handsewn and dyed in organic indigo in Bamako and Athens as a symbol for working in harmony with the forces of nature. His indigo textiles are alive: they contain only few of ingredient and no chemi…

  • Rose rouge pour vous !

    Bon dimanche ! Merci pour vos visites et vos commentaires♫

  • My Territory!

    I was getting ready to take a shot of these two gulls each sitting on its own pole when suddenly one chased the other away...not exactly the image I wanted to take. That being said, there is something about it that keeps my attention; maybe it's the drama…

  • Bon Dimanche à tous !

    merci de vos visites et comms ! Touche Z svp !

  • tourists in the rain

    NTSC: rain

  • kleiner Bergbach (PIP)

    im PIP Sumpfdotterblumen entlang des Bergbachs.

  • 6292497dcL

    Blue dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) (june, 2017).

  • Dispute.

  • Coconuts on the beach, Kauai Hawaii

  • DSC01708

    Pourvu que cela dure ! o) Même pas un mardi ou un vendredi ?
    By fifi

  • Simply summer

  • High Tatras

  • Un moment de calme.

  • A travers la balustrade.

    J'ai réussi à en poser deux c'est pas trop mal...

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