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Camera: Minolta Scan Elite 5400
Resolution:240 x 240 dpi
Dimension:3072 x 2027 pixels
Created on:2013:05:23 18:07:28-07:00
Modified on:2013:05:23 18:20:04
Software:Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh)
Already AppliedTrue
Auto Lateral CA0
Blacks 2012-15
Blue Hue0
Blue Saturation0
Camera ProfileEmbedded
Camera Profile Digest62BA52E6331B7E7F1AABAFD7272666 C2
Clarity 2012+15
Color ModeRGB
Color Noise Reduction25
Color Noise Reduction Detail50
Color SpacesRGB
Color Temperature8300
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Contrast 20120
Convert To GrayscaleFalse
Derived From Document IDxmp.did:1C662578062268118C14E0 04969A4159
Derived From Instance IDxmp.iid:0FA8911A712868118C14C5 EFAB987A16
Derived From Original Document IDD3C2EB36B30F351E0524D38806FA42 F9
Device Mfg DescIEC
Device Model DescIEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB
Exif Version0221
Exposure 20120.00
Fill Light0
Grain Amount0
Green Hue0
Green Saturation0
Has CropFalse
Has SettingsTrue
Highlight Recovery0
Highlights 2012+31
History Actionsaved, saved, derived, saved, saved, converted, derived, saved
History Changed/metadata, /metadata, /, /, /
History Instance IDxmp.iid:3E03D082042268118C14E0 04969A4159, xmp.iid:1A662578062268118C14E0 04969A4159, xmp.iid:1C662578062268118C14E0 04969A4159, xmp.iid:0FA8911A712868118C14C5 EFAB987A16, xmp.iid:10A8911A712868118C14C5 EFAB987A16
History Parametersconverted from image/dng to image/tiff, from image/tiff to image/jpeg, converted from image/tiff to image/jpeg
History Software AgentAdobe Photoshop Camera Raw 7.0 (Macintosh), Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 7.0 (Macintosh), Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 7.0 (Macintosh), Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh), Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh)
History When2013:05:23 18:09:46-07:00, 2013:05:23 18:10:56-07:00, 2013:05:23 18:11:02-07:00, 2013:05:23 18:20:04-07:00, 2013:05:23 18:20:04-07:00
Hue Adjustment Aqua0
Hue Adjustment Blue0
Hue Adjustment Green0
Hue Adjustment Magenta0
Hue Adjustment Orange0
Hue Adjustment Purple0
Hue Adjustment Red0
Hue Adjustment Yellow0
ICC Profile NamesRGB IEC61966-2.1
Image Size3072x2027
Lens Manual Distortion Amount0
Lens Profile Enable0
Lens Profile SetupLensDefaults
Luminance Adjustment Aqua0
Luminance Adjustment Blue0
Luminance Adjustment Green0
Luminance Adjustment Magenta0
Luminance Adjustment Orange0
Luminance Adjustment Purple0
Luminance Adjustment Red0
Luminance Adjustment Yellow0
Luminance Smoothing0
Metadata Date2013:05:23 18:20:04-07:00
Original Document IDD3C2EB36B30F351E0524D38806FA42 F9
Parametric Darks0
Parametric Highlight Split75
Parametric Highlights0
Parametric Lights0
Parametric Midtone Split50
Parametric Shadow Split25
Parametric Shadows0
Perspective Horizontal0
Perspective Rotate0.0
Perspective Scale100
Perspective Vertical0
Post Crop Vignette Amount0
Process Version6.7
Raw File NameScan-130523-0010.dng
Red Hue0
Red Saturation0
Resolution Unitinches
Saturation Adjustment Aqua0
Saturation Adjustment Blue0
Saturation Adjustment Green0
Saturation Adjustment Magenta0
Saturation Adjustment Orange0
Saturation Adjustment Purple0
Saturation Adjustment Red0
Saturation Adjustment Yellow0
Shadow Tint0
Shadows 2012+14
Sharpen Detail25
Sharpen Edge Masking0
Sharpen Radius+1.0
Split Toning Balance0
Split Toning Highlight Hue0
Split Toning Highlight Saturation0
Split Toning Shadow Hue0
Split Toning Shadow Saturation0
Thumbnail Offset378
Tone Curve0, 0, 32, 22, 64, 56, 128, 128, 192, 196, 255, 255
Tone Curve Blue0, 0, 255, 255
Tone Curve Green0, 0, 255, 255
Tone Curve NameMedium Contrast
Tone Curve Name 2012Custom
Tone Curve PV20120, 0, 19, 20, 220, 244, 247, 255
Tone Curve PV2012 Blue0, 0, 255, 255
Tone Curve PV2012 Green0, 0, 255, 255
Tone Curve PV2012 Red0, 0, 255, 255
Tone Curve Red0, 0, 255, 255
Vignette Amount0
White BalanceCustom
Whites 20120
XMP ToolkitAdobe XMP Core 5.3-c011 66.145661, 2012/02/06-14:56:27