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Brave Dog

Brave Dog
We went on a nice hike Wednesday after work since we did NOTHING over my "weekend". This was in major part due to Balfour being allergic to EVERYTHING so his neck was messed up again. Yes after mostly healing he had an allergic reaction to the medicine I was using to kill the infection that had set in after a hot spot caused by and allergic reaction. But I got some organic healing herb mixture by the same brand his shampoo is from (mad about organics) and it helped a lot just overnight. Enough so he could go hiking which was good because yesterday it was finally cool outside. Well it turns out that Bald Hill Natural Area has a LOT more to offer than I realized. Like miles and miles. On that hike we found some wild plum trees and the wild rose bushes were making rose hips! (Also black berries but those are everywhere) So I collected a bunch and ate a bunch of course. We stumbled on a massive fallen log and I wished Mia were there so I could take a picture of her on it. But then further up it slanted gently into the ground so I had the brilliant idea of trying to convince Balf to climb up. After much foolery he did so and I got my picture!!! So proud of him for being brave and using his muscles. It's kind of a big deal for him because of his previous joint issues that physically blocked him from doing this sort of thing, but then his lack of muscle tone in the back, his unsureness of how to use his hind legs, and the lack confidence thanks to not using his back legs much for so long leave him really unsure as to how to do things. Hence why we've been doing back end awareness techniques and muscle building!

I'm working on teaching him this right now.

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Love this shot. Balf looks so dignified!
When my dogs get skin irritations, the first thing I try is Califlora caledula gel. Often it works wonders overnight, sometimes not but then I know to try something else. Definitely worth having on hand. I use it myself :-)
4 years ago.
The Etholomaniac has replied to GlobalDog
Thanks! My go to is bag balm but it doesn't do much for allergies. :P
Yeah the stuff I got has aloe vera, hempseed, and then organic essential oils like tea tree, lemongrass, bergamot, and some others.
I've heard of but never tried the caledula, sounds like good stuff!
4 years ago.
What a good, brave boy! I didn't realize he had so many allergies, poor guy.
4 years ago.
The Etholomaniac has replied to bublynski
Only since we moved to OR... :(
4 years ago.