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  • Maryline

  • Love is in The Air....

  • Within without

    "Within without" 2010 James Turrell National Gallery of Australia ( in the Australia Garden on the south side of the Gallery) Light installation, concrete and basalt "stupa" (?), water, earth, landscaping 800 x 800 x 2800 cm (see note)
    By Aixa

  • arhuaco family
    By Aixa

  • curandeira

    By Aixa

  • Hamburg - Alter Elbtunnel

    Erbaut zwischen 1907 und 1911

  • Junge Schwalbe wartet auf die Mutter

  • Start oder Landung.....?

  • Diana

  • The shoeshiner.

    Shoeshiner or boot polisher is an occupation in which a person polishes shoes with shoe polish. They are often known as shoeshine boys because the job is traditionally that of a male child. Other synonyms are bootblack and shoeblack. While the role is de…

  • Fünf vor Zwei

    Uhr am Alten Kaufhaus in Lüneburg

  • Boote

    Anlegestelle Hotel Bergström im Lüneburger Wasserviertel

  • Fischtreppe

    in die Ilmenau, Brausebrücke, Wasserviertel Lüneburg

  • Am Markt

    in Lüneburg

  • Neues Wohnen

    am Alten Wasserturm in Lüneburg

  • Hollande

  • Hollande

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