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Welcome to the Island Flatey is the largest island of the western islands, a cluster of about forty large and small islands and islets located in Breiðafjörður on the northwestern part of Iceland. Flatey and its surrounding islands are, as a creation, believed to have forged from under the weight of a great glacier during the previous Ice age. In terms of size, Flatey is some two kilometers long and about one kilometer wide, of which most is flat land (hence its name, meaning "flat island…

The Lighthouse

Teddy Bear

Autumn is so beautiful colorful time


Very relaxing sound and place. I wish you all a cozy relaxing Sunday

The Place

A place in the west Iceland

Dog Days Are Over

This beautiful girl met this dog on visit while stooping one week at the farm.

The sound of Silence

While not traditionally a big tourist destination, Borgarnes is a town many people see on their travels in Iceland. This is because of its location on the ring road between Reykjavík and North Iceland. In fact Icelanders themselves often don't know much more of the town other than its highway dining options. However, tourism has been growing in recent years with increased interest in the region's history. In fact, Borgarnes is a perfect getaway from Reykjavík: It only takes about an hour to get there, but t…
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