Essex Walks' photos

View from Chrishall Church, N.W. Essex

Vapourer Moth Larva - Orgyia antiqua

The Quay, Foulness Island

Foulness Island

Paglesham Churchend - St Peter

Paglesham Churchend - St Peter interior

Stambridge (Great) - St Mary & All Saints

Foulness - St Mary the Virgin

Foulness - St Mary the Virgin

Sutton - All Saints

Sutton - All Saints Roof

Sutton - All Saints Belfry Timber

Sutton, Essex - Chancel Arch in All Saints' Church

Sutton Church, Essex - Brass

Eastwood - St Laurence and All Saints

Eastwood - St Laurence : Graves

Coot and Chicks

Motherly Love - Coot Style

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