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Puttelange (F) sandstone in situ

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Cornwall (UK) cheesewings megalith As a retired PhD Geologist I have an affinity to the aesthetic of rocks & stones beyond scientific explanations. I remember a zen koan like this: first there is a stone later on there is knowledge about and no more stone finally - there is

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Cave - Ahorntal Fränkische Schweiz (D)

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Müllerthal (L) sandstone: Often referred to as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, the Mullerthal Region - or Mëllerdall in Luxembourgish – owes its name to its hilly landscape reminiscent of Switzerland. The region is above all a unique biotope characterized by sandstone rock formations which are as beguiling as surprising. It is the unique composition of the rock and soil erosion that have contributed to the creation of this landscape so typical for the region. The diverse natural and geological heritage ma…

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zeno: my adhoc artfilter pictures resulting from so called conceptual framework - as it happens zeno is regarded as the first philosopher who dealt with infinity - zeno's paradoxes have challenged and amused philosophers over two millennia like the famous "achilles and the tortoise"

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Tyrol (A)

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Senja Norway

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Cornwall (UK)

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Cornwall (UK)
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