• ICCD 2013

    Chaika + Efke50 + Rodinal

  • miss you velour

    Kitty in the window last summer.

  • untitled

    Rebecca @ Silophone Montreal soundcloud.com/clickyg/silophone-hello/s -dwjUJ

  • Swing Bridge on Seekonk river.


  • untitled (star magnolia)

    Newport Art Museum grounds, Newport RI

  • Chicken City

    One of my oldest Rhode Island pictures. 1988. Middletown RI. Here's something I avoid doing these days: that was my car, on the left under the entrance sign. Fits right in though.

  • Diner, Newport RI


  • The Galley Diner

    Middletown/Newport RI. 1988

  • Riverside, RI

  • Seekonk River

    Polaroid + age

  • sleeping place

  • Weybossett Street, Providence, 1994.

  • Sumac

  • Woonsocket, RI

  • Providence, off North Main.

  • A preview of MTHouse series. Long in the making.

  • Ice, January 25 2013, with boots.

    The Providence river had some ice for a few days. That doesn't happen that often, I can't recall the last time it did. I understand that there were times in the past when people could skate but that was a long time ago, and maybe that was rare even then.…

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