Elvert Barnes

Elvert Barnes

Posted on 10/01/2009

Photo taken on October  2, 2009

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December 2004
St. Mary's County
25 December 2004
Red Barn - No Point Farm/St. Jeromes Neck Road - Dameron MD
Elvert Xavier Barnes Mixology
Elvert Barnes Mixology - Heading Home - Progressive Mix
No Point Farm
Former Property of Thomas Walter & Violet Emma Biscoe
Thomas Walter Dove & Violet Emma Dove Biscoe
African American History
Historic Farms In Southern Maryland

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Photo replaced on October  2, 2009
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CDFrontInsert.HeadingHome.Progressive.Au tumn.October2009

Artwork for HEADING HOME Progressive House / Trance Mix
Autumnal Reverberations
Elvert Barnes Mixology
Released 1 October 2009

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Photo Dettails:
No Point Farm . St. Jeromes Neck Road . Dameron . St. Mary's County. MD . Christmas Day, 25 December 2004

Former property of my grandparents Thomas Walter and Violet Emma Dove Biscoe

Original photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/perspective/43822222/in/set-957909

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