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  • where now, ipernity??

    …or maybe this is instagram or hipstamatic or the iphone being crazy. I live (and took this photo) in Wisconsin.

  • beautiful impostor

    gave in to temptation and adopted a "factory" girl. she seems to be a TBL fake, but I'm ok with that, as I was kind of expecting it as a possibility…plus she's pretty adorable anyway. some of her eyechips are really cloudy and cheap looking though…finding…

  • feeling stylish :)

    new fishknees dress!

  • weird hair photo…

    slowly Kenner hair de-dreadlocking w/ brush, frizz serum, and *gasp* flat-iron. it's turning out soo pretty and brushable. :)

  • miss still hairless.

    thinking of making some time to sort out her scalp the next few evenings, because I've been pathetically slow with it and she'd be so pretty finished. still pretty without, though. :)

  • in my mail today: a French translation of a Japanese novel and a greeting card from a toddler.

  • DSC_0531.jpg

  • 8543760224 7f0c629952 o

  • sister?

    The new middie spotted a "big Blythe" with a very close match to her hair color and got a bit clingy. Zuzu's always been accustomed to being OOAK, and was having none of that. (camera's being rather peculiar about focusing of late, hence the blur…thin…

  • eight.

    an addiction to hands and feet. I have had Regina Spektor stuck in my head allll day. Also, check it out. Mad hipstamatic skillz. Exposure of hands taken holding iphone by edge in teeth and tapping the shutter button with my top lip. I did a couple sho…

  • seven.

    leetle plants on the windowsill. (because dollies need houseplants too.) not at all sharp because I was taking photos right before going to bed without much light or ambition and very little space for me to squeeze into between my desk/radiator/window,…

  • Miss Milk & Honey

    I have a Middie again, and she's just about the cutest thing ever.

  • HipstaPrint

  • Omg. Hipstamatic multi-exposure. Going to have fun with this.

  • Coco Pop!

    (Nostalgic Pop w/ factory Coco Colette (I believe) scalp)

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