Hold the line, please ...

Passionsblume / Passion flower

Blue lashes and tear

On Black (Not really lashes, but it reminds me at eyelashes and tear)

Soft hoof

Glitter is much better to see in large Large on Black Large on White


... flower petals Large on Black


On Black

There are so many stars around you ...

Flower center nice on Black

Fairy / Sterntaler

... blond and dancing ... (center of a Poinsettia / Macro) 'Fairy / Sterntaler' On Black

Snowflake (21) of 21 ;-)

The same as here - but with the pink touch (it really was there but I thought it's to strange and upload it as No. 10 with less saturation) Slideshow snowflakes: www.flickr.com/photos/ladymolly/sets/72157594502493515/show/
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