• Hold the line, please ...

  • Passionsblume / Passion flower

  • Blue lashes and tear

    On Black (Not really lashes, but it reminds me at eyelashes and tear)

  • Soft hoof

    Glitter is much better to see in large Large on Black Large on White

  • tissue

    ... flower petals Large on Black

  • lonely

    On Black

  • There are so many stars around you ...

    Flower center nice on Black

  • Fairy / Sterntaler

    ... blond and dancing ... (center of a Poinsettia / Macro) 'Fairy / Sterntaler' On Black

  • Snowflake (21) of 21 ;-)

    The same as here - but with the pink touch (it really was there but I thought it's to strange and upload it as No. 10 with less saturation) Slideshow snowflakes: www.flickr.com/photos/ladymolly/sets/721 57594502493515/show/

  • Tiffany


  • Have a great start into a wonderful week!

    Dandelion / blowball / clock / Pusteblume nice: Large on Black

  • Maiglöckchen / Lily of the valley ... closer (3)

    Wünsche Euch einen schönen 1. Mai! Have a beautiful 1th of May! Large on Black

  • Have a beautiful week!

    Endlich ein aktuelles Foto als erstes! ;-) Mein Umzug ist nun geschafft - leider ist die Reihenfolge der Fotos nicht die richtige, aber kaputt gegangen ist nichts - es ist noch alles da! So, ab jetzt gibt es hier frische und aktuelle Fotos! :-)

  • Scary ladybug

    good night - and a happy weekend!

  • Strawberry nut

  • Oh no!!! I'm NOT tasty!!!

    Please look at this (very little) cute guy, his beautiful eyelashes, his lovely words talking mouth, his nose and then tell me if you think he is tasty!!?!! :-o Take care Mr. Crab! Now I knew your life is more dangerous than I thought! (That's the last p…

  • Akelei

  • Akelei

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