Old Slaughterhouse Complex Aachen

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House Jülicher Straße


"Butcher's Road" at the historical slaughterhouse complex.


The thing on the right reminds me of a guard tower, especially in combination with the barbed wire. But it's only some kind of power pole (I think). This image would probably be a good subject for a HDR. The colors are a little extreme, and I manipulated them offcourse. But the sky was really glowing in crazy colors this evening.

Wire Tensioner

Barbed Wire and Plastic

I'm somehow obsessed with this place. The security people at the Bombardier plant and the people whose tarp flew away are together, involuntarily artists. :-)

Barbed Wire 2

Barbed Wire 1

Clock Tower

Tower (Rectilinear, Looking Steeply Upwards)

Quick and dirty trial of a more dramatic projection and an unorthodox crop. Do you like it? There are also this and this image of the same tower with alternative projections. The crop was inspired by this image from KliX.
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