Posted on 11/24/2008

Photo taken on November 24, 2008

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Lou Reed

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Lou Reed - Transformer (back cover)

Lou Reed - Transformer (back cover)
Back cover of the album 'Transformer' by Lou Reed. Scanned from a CD booklet. The front cover is here.

This is the then scandalous cover showing a transvestite and a man with a banana in his pants, made to look like a giant erection. I didn't notice any potential for scandals, until I read about it on the Internet.

I put it here to illustrate a comment of mine in a discussion; and because this image seems to be available nowhere else on the Internet. I think this counts as 'fair use'.

Weilin Gong, artist: GUIDO alexander waldenmeier ...southwest germany, Ester have particularly liked this photo

Hello Eike, I'm an admin of the group words...mots...palavras...wörter...parole...palabras...слова.... It would be great if you would add this doc to our group. Thank you!
8 years ago.
Eike has replied to J.C.
Done! Thanks for the invitation.
7 years ago.
Ja Funmi-
Ja Funmi-
eike, you're missing the greater point. both photos are of the same person/model; Just done up differently
6 years ago.
Eike has replied to Ja Funmi-
Really? I didn't notice. It makes a lot of sense considering the album's title. I somehow seem to be insensitive to the symbols used in the image. When I saw it for the first time, I didn't even notice the big erection. I would have never guessed the the cross dressing anyway. I thoght: "The woman seems to have pain in her back, and the man has a weird posture."
6 years ago. Edited 6 years ago.
Mistress S
Mistress S
When I was a crazy young thing back in the early 1970's I bonked him in Sydney, Australia and let me give you the tip THAT WAS NO BANANA in his pants!
4 years ago.