Posted on 02/24/2008

Photo taken on February 18, 2008

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Old Slaughterhouse Complex
Blue Hour
Barbed Wire

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Barbed Wire 2

Barbed Wire 2

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Aref Nammari (goplayer)
Aref Nammari (goplay…
Who is kept out? The people on the inside or those on the outside? Sometimes I believe that the prison guards are prisoners too.
11 years ago.
Eike has replied to Aref Nammari (goplay…
In this case most probably they are keeping people out. The reason, I can see for this, is even quite understandable: The wall is quite low and there is this strange electrical power pole on the other side. So it's probably a security measure, but the razor wire makes it look quite unfriendly.
11 years ago.
Poetic and scary at the same time to my mind...great eye /great tones
10 years ago.
Eike has replied to Micha
Thank you very much.
The bits of plastic film hanging from the barbed wire reminded me of pieces of clothes hanging from the barbed wire at the border of Ceuta and Melilla. Some time before I took this image a big group of people tried to get into Spain, by climbing over the fence in Ceuta or Melilla (I forgot where exactly). Pictures of pieces of cloth sticking on the barbed wire of the border fence, that were probably ripped from these people's clothes, were shown in German newspapers.
10 years ago.