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Ehrenberg Cemetery
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Ehrenberg Cemetery

Ehrenberg Cemetery
This is the most recent burial (Pete Daniel 1898-1988 ) which includes a model, titled "Sam's Saloon," on the rock pile.

About 40 graves (most unmarked) make up the city of Ehrenberg’s unpretentious cemetery. The marked graves are usually indicated with hand-made signs. Little remains of the original town (founded in 1850, or 1869 depending on the source) which hosted a stage stop and (by the 1870’s) had a population of 230, or 500 depending on the source). Naturally the site has been vandalized over the years. But the local Chamber of Commerce is attempting to preserve the landmark cemetery which honors the city’s past pioneers and travelers who died on the trail.

The city of Ehrenberg was named after German immigrant surveyor Herman Ehrenberg who saw mining potential in the area (which he called, at the time, Mineral City). Ehrenberg was robbed and murdered at Dos Palmas, California (near today’s Palm Springs) so he was never aware of Mineral City being renamed for him. He was also a lifelong bachelor so there were no descendants. You may remember, in an earlier photo, the mention of the Colorado River redirecting itself away from the city of La Paz. When the prominent mercantile Goldwater family (yes, that Goldwater family) moved from La Paz to follow the river they named the new location after their friend Herman Ehrenberg (who had been killed two years before). Because the city of Ehrenberg relied heavily on river traffic the city began to fail when railroads began to replace steamboat transportation in the early 1900’s.

Of course there are plenty of stories of ghost activity in the cemetery. Lights, smells, voices and a child in period clothing have been reported.

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