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  • From Warmer Brighter Days.

    April last year at Osborne House. Queen Victoria may have once stood on this very spot. Heavy use of Topaz Studio in this shot.

  • Gold finches.

    When it comes to food I've never seen birds argue as much as Gold Finches, I don't have to look out the window to know they're there.

  • Fordson.

    Ultra wide angle one from last years "Memorial Ploughing Match".

  • AAA Macro Mondays 2.0-Battery.

    Odd one out or are all the others wrong?

  • Coot.

    Shadowed us all the way round the lake, hoping for food I suppose.

  • Beginning to drizzle

    Before the main downpour. f4 used.

  • Headbutt!!

    These two Sheep seemed to think It's great fun to keep head-butting.

  • Macro Mondays 2.0 - Low Key

    The Return of Cone-N the EX-Barbarian-(07) This was side lit with a torch. Best viewed large.

  • Ivy Post. HFF!

    I think Ivy is slowly taking over the world.

  • Botanical Tulips. A blast from the past!

    So fed-up with this dull, wet windy weather keeping me & camera in I've been having a clear up on my computer and came across this bright cheerful shot from 2014, so here It is to brighten a really grotty day (Again).

  • Macro Mondays 2.0 - Buttons.

    My first shot of the year! This one resides on the top of my favourite hat.

  • Not quite your everyday scene.

    The now famous listing cargo ship "Mekhanik Yartsev" fronted by the Paddle Boarder.

  • West Wight.

    Compton Bay on a very blowy day.

  • Wetlands. HFF!

    A Happy 2018 to everyone! Fence remains at Newtown on another really gloomy day. Best viewed large.

  • The Cat and the web.

    Sounds like a good title for a story.


    Taken from St Helens beach. This Russian Cargo ship made the National news today, It was constantly moving and seemed to just drift around for some time. The Coastguard paid a visit then the Lifeboat. It later set off towards Portsmouth very carefully.…

  • Jerusalem Sage. Macro Mondays 2.0-Winter

    Frosty seed head.

  • Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

    The observant of you will see I'm in the shot. :)

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