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  • HMS Queen Elizabeth.

    Heading up the Solent to Portsmouth this morning. Best view large.

  • Standing Guard.

    Another new toy, M42 Screw fit Pentacon 200mm f4 preset (Bokeh Monster) so called because the Iris is made up of 15 blades to give wonderful Bokeh. Little head above is guarding my Cardoon. :)

  • Autogyro.

    Closest Iv'e been to one. Definitely wont get me up in one.

  • The Cat on the front.

    Bonnet adornment of a Mk 11.

  • A couple more E Types.

    Even the Moon put in an appearance.

  • XK 140.

    Another from the Jaguar Enthusiasts car show.

  • E Type.

    At the Jaguar Enthusiasts car show today.

  • Mk11

    Lots of lovely chrome on this Mk11 Jaguar. I once was the proud owner of a huge Mk X Jaguar for a very short period in the early 80s. Sad to see there wasn't one at todays show. :(

  • Rear Admiral?

    Admiral of the Red from behind.

  • A long forgotten forget-me-not Knot.

    HFF All. :)

  • Just a little closer my pretty....

    Don't worry, the fly escaped.

  • More from Fastnet.

  • Team Concise.

    Leading the Fastnet dash past Hurst Castle & Lighthouse.

  • Banana Boat?

    When I was young the Banana Boat was a merchant Ship that bought It's cargo of Bananas into port, this one's a little different. :)

  • Fastnet 2017.

    The only Tri-Hull to get close enough to shore for a half decent shot.

  • Wild carrot (Daucus carota)

    One open flower head and one closed to begin producing seed.

  • Porkas & Piass.

    They've had a hard mornings work rolling in the mud, rooting & and pushing their snouts everywhere.

  • Makes me think of a certain song....

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEymZ3rXOmc. HFF all Best viewed large.

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