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  • The Long Driveway

    This is our neighbor's driveway. Each one of the trees is about 100 feet tall. He is constantly complaining when it snows as he has to blow half a kilometer of drifts in order to get out of his yard. Things are big on the Prairies. This is a hi-res ima…

  • Where I Come From

    This is the wheat field next to my folks place in Southern Saskatchewan. I lived on the Canadian Prairies for the first 25 years of my life, and have spent the remainder on the West coast. They are radically different climates. When the Prairies are beaut…

  • Sunset Pool

    End of the day at my folks place in southern saskatchewan. I shot this from in the pool just inches above water level.

  • Sunset Embrace

    Butterfly on thistle at sunset.

  • Sweet Indecision

  • California 1965

    Aetherized California Poppy reminds me of hippy days.

  • Duality

  • Over Under

  • Blue Eyes Crying

  • Fallen

    Dew-laden dandelion collapses, only to be propped up by a random twig. Such luck for me.

  • Bridge to Kyoto

  • Folding Copper and Blue Sky

  • Stone Sky

    A tip of the hat to Antonio for inspiration. Everyone has to have a first attempt...:-)

  • Black Star

    This is a rush skeletonweed seed.

  • Drop with a view...

    This refraction worked out well. Depicted in the drop is our front yard, so to speak, of our campsite on Hornby Island. It had just rained and chased us into our tents, so when it stopped, it was refraction time.

  • Fishbowl

    If Nicolas Valentin were here, he'd say "put some fish in it!"

  • Rainy Day Grasshopper

    This baby grasshopper was underneath a raindrop-laden cobweb, which is giving the sparkle to the background bokeh. This little critter was about 1cm long. If you look closely, it has rain drops on its head and legs. Bigger sizes are cool.

  • Woody 1

    Hornby Island Woodpecker.

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