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  • Distilled Color

  • Catching Fire

  • Blue and Gold

    Souther Alberta at harvest time.

  • Harvest Sky

  • Golden Drops

  • Cowichan River Tributary

    This is a tributary to the Cowichan River on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

  • Inner Universe

  • Crystal Curtain

    dew drops on a spider web on a foggy day.

  • Golden Lion

    Crossing Lions' Gate Bridge in Vancouver in the rain (of course).

  • The Refractory

  • In the Seam

  • In Formation

    Ships at anchor in English Bay waiting to enter the port at Coal Harbor. Vancouver skyscrapers emerging from the fog in the background.

  • Gulf Islands Sunset

    Traveling from Vancouver to Victoria via ferry one passes through a lot of what are known as the Gulf Islands. I'm not sure why they call them that, given they are in the Straight of Georgia and not the gulf of anything.

  • Along the Same Lines

    The grass blade is in the same line as the stem of the flower. Refracted in the drop is the flower and stem and surrounding meadow. This is one of the sharpest refractions I have gotten. View in larger size to see more detail in the refraction. Currently…

  • Many Ways of Seeing

  • All for One

    Three rush skeletonweed seeds with a lot of drops. these are the size of dandelion seeds.

  • Georgia Strait

    This is a 1000 foot elevation view of the body of water that runs between Vancouver Island, where I live, and the west coast of Canada.

  • Curvature of Earth

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