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  • Bridge to Nelson

    This bridge crosses a narrow spit in Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, Canada, near the pot-growing capital of North America, Nelson.

  • Dancing Queen

    Queen Anne's Lace (a wild carrot, actually) sways in the wind at 300fps.

  • Blue Sky on Rails

    This is somewhere on the TransCanada highway in southern Alberta.

  • waterfallhdr

    shot from 300m altitude between water and cloud.

  • Day Has Sparkled and Flown

    Bird flies at the end. Looks nice. 600fps Casio EX-F1 video.

  • erotidendron

  • Takeoff and Departure

    Casio EX-F1 highspeed 300fps video.

  • Serene Light

  • firstlight

    Casio EX-F1 high speed camera at 300fps. Paper match in a dark room. Duration is approx. 12 seconds.

  • Delta

    Delta, British Columbia, Canada from 300m altitude.

  • Instant Audience

    Peacock with feathers unfurled has all eyes on itself.

  • Lily Anther (usdof)

    Ultra-shallow depth of field produced by reversing a 50mm lens in front of my objective. This is very small, the anther or tip of the stamen on a pink lily. It looks as if it is floating in a liquid, but it is actually floating in unfocused light.

  • under my umbrella

  • Zero Gravity

    Gravity is trumped by surface tension at this small scale. This is four dew drops on a single moss seed shoot. This is really small. The whole scene is less than an inch tall. Reversed 50mm lens in front of a 5MP Casio P&S. If I knew how to focus stack…

  • The Day Behind

  • Art or Not?

  • sweeping

  • Into Darkness

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