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  • **Swirld Little white butterfly final

    This brought out rays of light I hadn't noticed in the original photo.

  • **Swirld American Redstart final

    This one is harder to see the bird, but once you do, it's a very pleasing effect.

  • **Secret Garden Rooster final

    Secret garden seems to work best on images that originally were similar colors to the filter.

  • **polygons Two Julia Butterflies final

    Polygons was uggo in most I tried, but I liked it in this.

  • **Neon Fur Peahen final

    This has a few points of interest, and is subtle.

  • **Neon Fur American Redstart final

    Really like this one.

  • **Graphic Sea Pineapple flower final

    I tried the graphic sea on some other pics, but this is the only one turned out good.

  • **fire Julia butterfly final

    I had many *meh* results over the last few days, but a few turned out worth sharing.

  • **Duck Fractal final

    So here are some more Dreamscopes, made from photos I took, around my yard & at the park mostly, with a couple zoo pics.

  • **Blue Bramble Giant Swallowtail Butterfly final

    I should be doing other things- so many other things... but Instead I procrastinate.

  • *Vandyke Natasha final

    And Natasha in the Vandyke filter. Think it looks like a fun painting. :^)

  • *Swirl'd Orange and white cat final

    Stray orange tabby cat in my yard near the gate- the chain link turned out really cool in this filter.

  • *swirl'd natasha sink final

    Natasha meowing at me from inside my bathroom sink.

  • *Swirl'd Natasha 2final

    So I did a bunch with Swirl'd. Natasha on the same leopard print rug.

  • *swirl'd ibis final

    The white ibis work well on a lot of designs. I need to go back to the park on some sunny day and try for more. I love the Swirl'd filter.

  • *secret garden Ibis final

    I tried the secret garden on a photo of Natasha and it was *blah* but it's really cool with this white ibis.

  • *rainy pony final

    Rainy pony wasn't as good as the dragonfly, but I liked it.

  • *rainy dragonfly final

    Dragonfly perched on the tip of a leaf, enhanced with the 'Rainy' filter.

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