• wk52-17 1051

    Feeders have been very busy throughout December and are in need of some housekeeping. Feeders need to be cleaned and disinfected reguarly to prevent the spread of disease. I am just waiting for a break in the weather to rake over the ground beneath the…

  • wk50-17 0837

  • wk51-17 0981

    Pied Wagtail: Seen from our upstairs bedroom window this lone Wagtail, Although common in most of the UK this is the first time I have seen one in our garden or even in the district.

  • wk50-17 0871

    Pochard Duck: taken at Welney Wetland Centre. The water is not that deep and the disturbance in the PIP is caused by the diving Pochard thrashing on the bottom with it's wings and feet to free up odd pellets of feed etc.

  • wk50-17 0876

    Again calling on ID. The leading swan is definitely a Whooper swan and maybe the two following are Juvenile Whooper swans. Because of their greyish colour and shape of the bill being duck like I tend (Hope) these might be Bewick swans over wintering fr…

  • wk50-17 0829

    Taken from our upstairs bedroom window. I want to say this is a Brambling but only ever have seen one before in our garden so I am not to sure. I was more interested with the Bull Finch in the PIP, Never seen one of these around here before now. Sorry…

  • wk47-17 0719

    Photoshop Elements doodle: Dark grey skies and a once again broken down old "French Peugeot" has dulled my desire to go out with the camera.

  • wk47-17 3926

    Diplomacy works.

  • wk47-17 0675

    Kingfisher: Nun,s Bridges Thetford, 2nd chance at this bird, might be the same bird that I photographed last week as it was from the same location. (see PIP)

  • wk45-17 0581

    ID anyone? I had this down as a Yellow Wagtail but the reference books say these migrate to Africa in September Taken at Nun's Bridges Thetford 9th November. ID by others, almost certainly a "Grey Wagtail"

  • wk45-17 0603

    Kingfisher: Taken at Nun's Bridges Thetford. This is one shot to come off my bucket list of shots, absolutely ages wanting to snag a Kingfisher and today it presented it's self to me and I was not even looking for it.

  • wk44-17 0499

    Shooting from the upstairs window with the 600mm on manual when this little bird landed in front of me on the conservatory gutter just 2.5 mtrs away. No time to make adjustments and any closer would be to much out of focus. I have filled in the gutter g…

  • wk44-17 0553

    Coal Tit. Have a good and happy weekend everybody.

  • wk44-17 0512

    Starling bringing his son to the garden. See PIP Wonderful colours in the pair of them, taken through glass from the bedroom window.

  • wk43-17 0282


  • wk42-17 0177

    This Great Tit has been visiting the garden for quiet a few days now, I really wish I could get hold of it and ease that Tick off the side of its cheek. I have noticed so many birds this year with Tick infestation.

  • wk40-17 0119

    Bit of an Ungainly landing.

  • wk40-17 0065

    Got what I came for - Thanks!!

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