Anaptychia runcinata spores


Lichen, mostly from around North Wales. Species include: Caloplaca sp. Cladonia diversa Cladonia furcata Cladonia polydactyla Cladonia pyxidata Cladonia squamosa Cladonia uncialis Lobaria pulmonaria Squamarina cartilaginea Xanthoria parietina

Anaptychia runcinata spores

25 Mar 2018 2 119
A bit dirty, but a record shot of an Anaptychia runcinata spore.

Massalongia carnosa

13 Jun 2017 1 111
A discreet little lichen, this Massalongia carnosa was found on boulders in the upper riparian zone during this weekends BioBlitz. Carrog, Penmachno, Snowdonia

Lobaria amplissima

30 Apr 2017 2 1 101
Lobaria amplissima on Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) showing brown-black corraloid outgrowths (cephalodia).

Lobaria pulmonaria

30 Apr 2017 1 113
A wet Lobaria pulmonaria showing apothecia.

Lichenomphalia umbellifera

30 Apr 2017 2 2 118
A basidiomycete lichen, Lichenomphalia umbellifera , the green granular thallus can just be made out, growing on Sphagnum.

Hypogymnia tubulosa

05 Mar 2017 1 131
A windblown twig with Hypogymnia tubulosa from yesterdays #Cennad lichen training day at Llyn Alwen.

Ramalina fastigiata

08 Jun 2016 1 208
Ramalina fastigiata on Hawthorn Penmon Point Anglesey

Physcia leptalea

08 Jun 2016 1 116
I was pleased with this find, a lovely Physcia leptalea on an Ash branch. Penmon Point Anglesey


01 Jun 2016 267
On the left is Cladonia portentosa , and on the right Cladonia ciliata var. ciliata , the same specimens in the previous image, but here under UV light (in the lab). Cladonia portentosa : P-, UV+white (Perlatolic acid) Cladonia ciliata : P+red, UV-

Worlds apart

01 Jun 2016 142
The same but different, the wonderful world of Cladonias. Lovely to look at but very frustrating to identify. On the left is Cladonia portentosa , and on the right Cladonia ciliata var. ciliata . Cladonia portentosa : P-, UV+white Cladonia ciliata : P+red, UV- Cladonia heath, Newborough Forest

Rhizocarpon geographicum

30 May 2016 104
Map lichen ( Rhizocarpon geopgraphicum ). Llanddwyn Island Anglesey

Unstoppable tide

30 May 2016 1 2 86
A wave of Anaptychia runcinata slowly breaks over a Physcia aipolia. Llanddwyn Island Anglesey

Anaptychia runcinata showing reactions

30 May 2016 139
Anaptychia runcinata with a spot of C+yellow on the left, and grudually turning green on the right when doused with water. Llanddwyn Island Anglesey

Lichina confinis

30 May 2016 78
Lichina confinis at the top of the littoral zone (frequently submerged in sea water). Llanddwyn Island Anglesey

Ochrolechia parella

26 May 2016 1 99
The striking thallus and apothecia of Ochrolechia parella Llanddwyn Island

Anaptychia runcinata

25 May 2016 1 106
A tentative identification of an Anaptychia runcinata , not one I familiar with so a little hesitant with my id. Well above the splash zone but definitely maritime, on the exposed tops of Llanddwyn Island. UPDATE 28-5-2016 Identity confirmed. Turns green when splashed with water, and slowly bleaches yellow with C.

Everina prunastri

25 May 2016 1 291
Everina prunastri on Corsican Pine branches Newborough Forest

Melanohalea exasperata

19 May 2016 262
The suitably named Toad Lichen ( Melanohalea exasperata ), a nice find yesterday and according to the BLS and NBN sites a new vice county record :)